Founded on the “win-win” principle, Placement Cell in SNMIMT is the vehicle on which valued relationships and collaboration between the College and Corporate community are formed - thereby promoting partnerships between business and education. Over the last few years the College has gained a reputation for consistent, high-quality placements, and has formed many lasting and fruitful relationships with its clients.

There is no typical SNMIMT student, and there is no traditional career path that he or she follows. Our students are joined by the common goal of wanting to make a difference in the world, and see in themselves the possibility of achieving that goal throughout their careers. There are Six important ways in which SNMIMT helps develop and prepare our students to make a significant impact.

Real-world Learning

Our unique approach to the method of teaching puts students right in the middle of real issues and situations that they will encounter, allowing them to develop a solid framework for judgment that serves them throughout their careers.

Leaders at Any Level

We develop students who will demonstrate leadership at any level of an organization. Throughout their careers, they follow the high standards of integrity, personal accountability, and respect for others that are at the heart of the SNMIMT community and culture.

A Team Environment

Teamwork is one of the cornerstones of the SNMIMT experience. The final year projects and mini projects done by the students are more often in groups. Working together allows them to exercise the skills of team work (listen, reason, defend, and work as part of a team), that is a must in the present day competitive environment and provides them the opportunity to understand the importance of team effort in the success of the projects.

Vibrant Atmosphere

The SNMIMT campus is a vibrant intellectual community mirroring the diversity of today's business world. Our students come from various parts of India, and our College is home to many faculty from highly reputed National Institutions who operate at the forefront of their specialist areas turning theory into practice and finding solutions to problems. The students are made to be a Life long learners a must in todays’ corporate environment.

Experience: the key to success

Internship placements help our students spend time analysing the host organisation and the role one plays within it. Students are encouraged to take up summer internship with organization during their summer vacation to apply what they have learned in real life situation.

A Career Vision

As our students begin to consider their future options, our Placement and Training Cell help them to identify their interests, values, skills, and passions, and to examine the full range of opportunities that might be appropriate for them. Overall, the process for developing a career vision starts with exploration – for our students and for your organization.

Our Vision

The Placement Cell aims to create a niche in the job market whereby the corporates look forward to our talent pool to cater to their resource needs.

Our Mission

To provide sufficient training in soft skills and interview skills and thereby enhance the employability of our students. To organize recruitment drives for our students within and outside the campus so as to provide placements to all the eligible students.