Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association Activities Report - ESPANIAC - Academic Year: 2021-2022

Webinar: Hands-on workshop on Machine Learning using Python

Resource Person: Mr. Arjunjit Chowdhury, Enterprise
Building training Solutions, Thane (W) – 400607

Date: 16/10/2021, Time: Session 1- 11.00am to 1.00 pm & Session 2- 2.00 pm to 4.00pm

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Session 2:

The Computer Science and Engineering Department of SNMIMT in connection with ISTE had organized a Hands-on workshop on Machine Learning Using Python on 16/10/2021. The workshop was conducted as two sessions . Morning session from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and afternoon session from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. Program began with a welcome speech by ISTE student coordinator of CSE department Ms Neepa TP. Then the session was addressed by Dr. Amritha Ajeej Principal of SNMIMT, Mrs. Sreedevi R Krishnan HOD CSE department and ISTE Staff coordinator Mrs. Sanjuna. The resource person of the event Mr. Arunjit Chowdhury (CEO, Enterprise Building Training Solutions, Thane) engaged the full day sessions.

The whole course was about :

1. Applications of Machine Learning
2. Feature Engineering

  • Data Pre-Processing
  • Missing Data
  • Data Categorization
  • Feature Scaling
3. Univariate Regression
4. Multivariate Regression with Feature Elimination Method Backward Elimination
5. Model Efficiency of Regression Model - Various Models Comparing
6. Classification
  • Logistic Regression
  • Decision Trees
  • Random Forests
7. Model Efficiency in Classification

The whole session was very informative and useful. The use of live and relatable examples made students easy to understand. After the session Vote of Thanks was addressed by one of the ISTE student coordinator Ms Anjali PM

Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association Activities Report - ESPANIAC - Academic Year: 2020-2021

Webinar: An exposure to IT Industry
Resource Person: Praveen M K

Date & Time: 13th May 2020, 9:00 AM -- 10.30 AM

Mr.Praveen M K, Software Engineer at Microsoft conducted an interactive session via Zoom on the topic "An exposure to IT Industry", under Computer Science Department Association ESPANIAC of SNMIMT

Being the 2006 Alumni of SNMIMT, he spoke about his experience working at Microsoft to the students of CSE Department.

He gave an introduction to the present and future technologies in the industry. The speaker's struggle towards getting a high profile job at Microsoft was the premiere topic which he discussed. Tips to build a new hype in the career was delivered by him. The session created was much an interactive platform to learn and discuss about trends and future in IT industry. He answered to each and every questions student had. As he had deep knowledge about the IT Industry, he was able to clear all the doubts of the students in the end. The session was really helpful. The webinar gave us an inspiration to build up throughout our career and emerge as fruitful engineers in near future. He gave hope to each and every one on how anyone with a big dream can achieve their goal if they constantly work hard for it.

Webinar: Introduction to Containers
Resource Person: Akhil T A

Date & Time: 21st May 2020, 11.30AM - 1.00PM

Mr. Akhil T A, Senior Software Engineer at Hellofresh conducted an interactive session via Zoom on the topic "Introduction to Containers", under Computer Science Department Association ESPANIAC of SNMIMT. It was a wonderful opportunity to learn programming aspects from a senior software engineer and SNMIMT Alumni (2011 Batch). He spoke about his experience of working and gave us an introduction to the present and future technologies in the industry. The speaker's struggle towards getting a high-profile job at hello fresh was the premier topic which he discussed. Tips to build a new type of carrier were delivered by him and also covered various topics on Containers and how it is actually used in programming and how much it is used in the IT Industry. He cleared our doubts about Virtualization, Cloud Computing and how databases work. He also spends his valuable time clearing doubts of students, and it was a great privilege to all the students to get advice and tips from a professional's perspective. The session was concluded with feedback and vote of thanks by Miss Sara and Mrs Sreedevi R. Krishnan.

Webinar: Wireless Communication & Industrial Domains
Resource Person: Kiran T. SDE, Microsoft

Date & Time: 22nd may 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM

Mr. Kiran T, Software Development Engineer at Microsoft R&D Team conducted an interactive session via Zoom on the topic "Wireless Communication & Industrial Domains", under Computer Science Department Association ESPANIAC of SNMIMT. Initially, he starts the session by giving us an outlook over software development and the recruiting companies. He introduced various domains in the software industry and its importance. The relevance of the domain in the IT industry was the prime decisive factor. The later session throws light upon wireless communication which mainly focuses on LTE protocol stack and its architecture. Abiding to the end of the session he shared information on job opportunities and chances after engineering. He shared his work experiences in several companies and how he achieved his dream job. His words were so inspiring. The speaker encouraged us to have a positive outlook on the future. The session created was an interactive platform to learn and discuss trends and future in the IT industry. It was a great fruitful session and he spent his valuable time clarifying doubts. The webinar gave us an inspiration to build up throughout our career and emerge as fruitful engineers in near future. The active participation of students and coordination of teachers make the session very successful.

Webinar: Machine learning with ANN

Date & Time: 2nd Aug 2020, 2:00 PM – 3:50 PM

The Novitech, Kochi have given a National Level online webinar on “Machine learning with ANN” which gives an introduction to Machine learning and Neural Networks. During the webinar the resource person gave an introduction to the working of an Artificial Neural Networks which was very useful for CSE subjects like Machine Learning and Soft Computing. There was a good participation of nearly 450. The session was attended by Faculties, Research Scholars and students of various Engineering Colleges of India and received good Feedback about the session also.

Webinar: Alumni Interaction - Topic: Preparation tips for Campus Placements
Resource person: Ms. Maneesha K A

Alumna of 2015-2019 CSE batch
Date & Time: 17th Oct 2020 at 10.00am

The webinar started at 10 am in the morning on the 17th of October 2020, with a Welcome Speech from the Head of the Department, Ms Sreedevi R. Krishnan Ma’am. Shortly after the speech Dr V R Sasi Kumar Sir, the Principal of the institution felicitated the event. Around 10:10am, Ms. Maneesha K A, Alumna of 2015-19 CSE batch and the resource person for the day kick-started the session.

Ms Maneesha gave a comprehensive talk about all the things that come into play during campus placements and gave tips and tricks to ease the process. She also gave a rundown about her personal experience during campus placements and spoke about her understanding of the software field as a campus placed software engineer.

She broke down the campus placement process into mainly four categories: Aptitude Test, Technical Round, Managerial Round(MR)/Group Discussion(GD) and Human Resources(HR) Round. Then she went into each of these sub-topics and talked in-depth, from book and website recommendations to frequent and important programming questions that she was met with.

The difference between product-based and service-based companies was also explained. She also talked about the pros and cons of picking one of the top ten MNCs and startups during placement. She also briefly spoke about how a resume should be like and also left the participants with few seemingly imperceptible but helpful tips.

She concluded her session by talking about her experience during the six month training period and finally about her involvement in HCL as a software engineer. A short Q&A and feedback session took place right after it, where the participants asked some of the queries they had and gave their response. The webinar came to an end by 12:30 pm after Ms.Liya relayed her Vote of Thanks.

Webinar Topic: Robotics and Computer Vision
Resource person: Mr. Vipulnath, Founder & CEO, LEAP, Kerala

12th December 2020, Saturday

SNM Institute of Management & Technology organized a free Webinar session on the topic “Computer Vision and Robotics” in association with Leap, a tutor assisted online learning platform for engineering courses. The session was conducted by Mr.Vipulnath, Founder and CEO of Leap. Around more than 125 students from all the branches of SNMIMT attended the session

The session started with a warm welcome done by Anjali P Nair, a student of CSE department, SNMIMT and the session was then taken over by the resource person Mr. Vipulnath. He started the session by briefing the story of Talos, a giant bronze robot from Greek mythology, which indicates the presence of today’s advanced technologies in those days. After which he explained the concept of computer vision and the steps involved in it like gray scaling, background subtraction, noise filtering, thresholding and localizing. He also explained and showed how each of these steps can be executed using python with an example. During the programming session, he explained the use of every single package and functions very clearly. Before starting the programming session, he also gave some recommendations about the software and packages to be installed for coding.

After that he also gave an introduction about robotics and the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality. He also briefed different types of robots like industrial robots, collaborative robots, companion robots, medical robots, prosthetics, humanoid robots, bio-mimicking robots and soft robots. Also cleared the reason for these classifications. He also explained about the roles of sensors, actuators and controllers in a robot along with examples. Along with them, he also introduced 3D printing technology, which is a technology growing parallel with robotics. At last, he also briefly explained the system design of a room cleaning robot.

The overall session was interesting and informative for the students. The resource person also ensured the session was clear for the students. The coordinator Ms. Sreedevi R Krishnan gave feedback on the session. And the session ended with a vote of thanks by Liya.C.J, a student of CSE department, SNMIMT and Leap coordinator Agnus James on behalf of Leap.

Webinar Employability in IT Industry
Resource Person: Sharath Nair, Manager of Talent Acquisition at iDatalytics Private Ltd

Date: 10th of May 2020

The webinar started at 3 pm in the evening on the 10th of May 2020, with a Welcome Speech from Liya C J of 4th year CSE. “Employability in the IT Industry” was conducted by Sharath Nair, the manager of Talent Acquisition at iDatalytics Private Ltd. The webinar was sponsored by RP2 center.

Mr Sandeep gave us a brief introduction and talked us through his career trajectory. He talked about how programming is not the only career option for computer graduates and listed a couple of other things we could do. He touched upon career paths for software programmers and developers too. Sandeep implored us to pick up careers that aligned with the skills in demand at present. Those included the likes of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, DataScience and so on.

Then he spoke about the factors that come into play during an interview session and conferred a bit about employability. Later he addressed the sponsor of the webinar, RP2 Center and walked us through the services they offered. He enumerated the merits of joining their program. We then had a Q&A session where several students asked and cleared their doubts. We wrapped up the programs by 4:25 with a vote of thanks from Sara Thomas.

Webinar Topic: Ethical Hacking
Resource person: Ragesh K Ramachandran, ECSA Certified CEH & CHFI trainer at FACE, Ernakulam

Date: 11th May of 2021

The session began at 2 pm on 11th May of 2021, with a Welcome Note from Liya C J of 4th year CSE. The webinar, “Live Class on Ethical Hacking” was led by Ragesh K Ramachandran. He is an ECSA Certified CEH & CHFI trainer at FACE, Ernakulam.

Mr Ragesh cropped up by quizzing the audience about ethical hacking. Satisfied with the response, he jumped into showing us a real-time demonstration of a Trojan Virus crafting. He used ‘Kali Linux’ for visualization and applied the reverse shell method for creating a command shell. He introduced us to the tools and utilities for it which included the ‘MSFvenom’ and ‘MSFconsole’. Afterwards, he demonstrated how a payload(necessarily the virus here) attack is carried out using an IP address and the port for making a connection. Following that, he showed us how by using an MSFconsole a listener is created for maintaining the connection.

Subsequently, he revealed the ways by which we can gain superuser privilege and how the Metasploit framework can be employed to navigate bug. Next, he talked about how hackers create backdoors in the targeted machine and made us aware of new cyberattacks and scams like DoS attack and ransomware attack.

Thereafter Ragesh addressed the vulnerability of installing from unknown sources and using an outdated version. He also gave us pointers on preventing these attacks, which included installing a VPN and using an Antivirus. After that, he illustrated in what manner we can survive an attack. This included entasking suspicious programs running in task manager, disconnecting from the network and resetting the system.

Before closing the session he talked about the different certified courses on ethical hacking like CDAC, EC Council and CH that we could do. We then had a QnA session wherein he answered all the doubts and queries of the audience. The program was concluded with a thank you note from Sara Thomas.

Webinar Topic : "Coding with HackerRank"
Resource Person: Mr Anandhu N V (2020 Alumni CSE) and Engineer at QBurst Technologies, Infopark, Thrissur

Date: 22/05/2021

Resource person: Sonu Kuriakose,Mtech in Data Security CEH and Cyber Security Trainer ,FACE., Ernakulam

Date: 29th of May of 2021

The webinar started at 10 AM in the morning on 29th of May, with a welcome speech from Nahala S2 CSE.

"Career opportunities in Cybersecurity & Forensics" was conducted by Sonu Kuriakose,Mtech in Data Security CEH and Cyber Security Trainer ,FACE.

Miss Sonu gave us a brief introduction and talked us through her career trajectory.

She talked about how cybersecurity and Forensics are important in current growing IT Industries,as the cyber attacks are increasing day by day as technology is growing the attacks are also increasing so the importance of cybersecurity and forensic is also increasing.

She explained what is Cybersecurity, Steps of Hacking, Difference between Hacking and Ethical Hacking , Major cyber attacks , Cyber security goals she touched upon career paths for computer science graduates for pursuing a cyber security career ,she implored us to pick up careers that aligned with the skills in demand at present . Those included the likes of Chief Information Security Officer , Penetration tester , Security Analyst, Security Architect , Security Specialist, IT Security Engineer , Cryptographer and soon .

Then she spoke about the steps to get a diploma in Cyber Security , the modules in it , certification briefly .Also about the factors that are gonna matter while attending an interview and the skills required .After this we had a Q&A session where students asked doubts and they were cleared briefly . The program ended by 11:20 with a vote of thanks from Ameena S2 CSE

Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association Activities Report ESPANIAC 2019-2020

The Department of CSE is keenly interested in promoting and developing co- curricular and extra-curricular activities for the students. From the year 2002 itself we started the departmental association ESPANIAC. To hearten the skills and to embellish the study we conducted Technical fests, Technical talks on emerging trends in the area of Computer Science And Engineering.

Program 1

First day of Academic year 2019-2020

Date: 1 st Aug 2019 Time: 9.00 am to 10.30 am

The CSE department together with CSE Association “Espaniac” celebrated the first day of academic year in a very pleasant manner. Association staff secretary Mr.Gireesh Kumar welcomed the gathering, CSE department HOD Ms.Sreedevi R Krishnan interacted with the students. Discussed about the various programs and activities planned in this semester. The program was made more colorful by cake cutting and various cultural programs.

Program 2

Alumni Interaction for First year students 2020 admission

Date: 2 st Aug 2019 Time: 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm

The CSE department together with SNMIMT provided an alumni interaction session for first year students. The Alumni of CSE 2018 batch Mr. Antony Thomas working at Caxita, Kochi interacted with the students and gave a brief description about the college and the various placement opportunities for the students.

Program 3

2 days hands-on workshop in Machine learning & python

Date: 20 th Aug and 21 st Aug 2019

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering Association “Espaniac” organized a two day workshop on “Machine Learning” on 20 th and 21 st August 2019. It was conducted by Technical Experts R. Bharath, G.Pallanivel and R.Vellitoyangiri from Pantech ProEd Pvt Ltd Kaloor. Around 70 students from 3 rd year and 4 th year Computer Science & Engineering branch took part in the workshop.
The main focus of the work shop was hands-on practical with Machine Learning Tools with Python. In the work shop two mini projects were discussed during the session.

Program 4

Soft skill Training

Date: 9 th Oct 2019

On 9 th October 2019, a soft skill training class was held at Instrumentation and Control Seminar Hall from 1:00 pm to 4:10 pm. The Orientation was presided by Mr. Eldhose P Jacob, software engineer from one of the reputed software company, LOGIC Institute of Technology, Cochin. The students from 5 th and 7 th semester of Computer Science and Engineering attended the Orientation class. The program really focused on Soft Skills Training. The wheel rolled up in the afternoon.

The initial session was dedicated at guiding students in making better career choices in all domains of their interest in IT sector. It includes present scenarios of industry, current trends in HR management and also gives to them the information of the possible upcoming opportunities in both the government and the private sector. The speaker has rich experience of both industry and academics and the words of guidance proved to be the master stroke for many students.

The speaker explained in detail the important concepts of Introduction of Frameworks, Importance of Object- Oriented Programming in today’s world, Relevance of a good team player, real situations of a software trainee and the audience gets focused to the important standards of IT industry. He mainly emphasized on developing soft skills. He gave information about National Association of Software and Services Companies(NASSCOM). He stressed on “ASK” - Attitude, Soft skill and Knowledge. The session was highly informative and motivating. The speaker engaged the students in continuous one on one discussion which made it even more interesting. The speaker also answered lots of queries of the audience and the session concluded with a very interesting crossword contest, result of which was declared there itself. Students benefitted tremendously with this session and their engagement with the speaker proved to be an excellent platform to make strong and intelligent decisions for their careers.

Program 5

Association Day

Date: 19 th Oct 2019

On 19th October Saturday 2019, the Computer Science & Engineering Department of SNMIMT Maliankara celebrated their association day "Espaniac 2k19". The Student Representatives Mr. Harikrishnan (S7 CSE) welcomed the gathering. Our Principal Dr. V.R. Sasikumar Presided over the Function. The chief guest Mr. Vijesh Vijay, the Director- Projects of QBurst, Info park, Thrissur inaugurated the function. Head of the Department Ms. Sreedevi R. Krishnan and the staff coordinator Mr. Gireesh Kumar M.C. conveyed their regards to the students. In the function Class Toppers and the placed students were awarded. The Student Joint Secretary Mr. Sreenadh A. S. (S5 CSE) given the vote of thanks for the function.

After the inauguration, the chief guest had an interactive section with the students on the topic "Industry Expectations" which was very informative for our students. He shared many tips to crack the interviews and different career options the students can choose in the IT sector. He asked the students to improve the knowledge skills in their interested areas and to concentrate in doing programming and have an active participation in the Academic Projects.

As a part of the association program technical competitions like Collage, Digital Poster, Department’s Digital Newsletter and Quiz were conducted and cash prize was awarded. The chief guest also selected the winner of the completion events like Digital Poster and Collage and distributed the prize for the winners. In the afternoon session, the students even had a quiz competition and some cultural events. The Prize for Newsletter and Quiz was also distributed during the cultural program.

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