The Supreme Court of India has observed that enrolment in academic pursuits or a campus life should not immunize any adult citizen from the penal provisions of the laws of the land. According to the directions of the Supreme Court if any instance of ragging is brought to the notice of the administration or the faculty or to the committee, it is legally binding on the institute to report the matter to the Local Police. As per the directions of Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, an Anti-Ragging Committee has been constituted in this institution to ensure strict compliance on the prevention of Ragging in any form with the following officials:

Sl No Name of the Members Designation Responsibility
1 Dr V R Sasikumar Principal Chairman
2 Mr Arun Narayanan Assistant Professor, ME Co-ordinator
3 Ms Winnie P V Assistant Professor, EEE Member
4 Ms Sareena K K Assistant Professor, CSE Member
5 Ms Jesna K U Assistant Professor, CE Member
6 Mr Arjun Santhosh Assistant Professor, ECE Member
7 Mr Aswin P B Assistant Professor, AS Member
8 Mr Ajish T Assistant Professor, ICE Member
9 Mr Sreejith P S Technical Staff, EEE Member
10 Mr Rajesh K B Workshop Superintendent, ME Member
11 Mr Dinesh Kumar Technical Staff, ECE Member
12 Mr T N Balan Boys Hostel Warden Member
13 Mr Athul Krishna M S Student Representative Member
14 Mr Swetha Pradeep Student Representative Member