Parents Teachers Association





Parent-Teacher Association

The Parent-Teacher Association of SNMIMT has been playing a vital role in the efficient functioning of the college machinery. The PTA is an elected body which aims at the overall development of the college. Parental co-operation in creating a healthy campus atmosphere is of utmost importance. The PTA ensures the co-operation and participation of parents in full measure, in the wholesome activities of the college. The purpose of the PTA is to provide a structure through which the parents/guardians of children can work together for the best possible education and welfare of their children. They establish a forum through which parents and teachers can exchange information and research in relation to education/welfare of children. PTA financially assists a number of training activities in the college for both students and teachers.

Monthly meetings of PTA executive committee are held on first Wednesdays at 02.00 pm. A general body meeting is held every year and new executive committee is elected for the next year.





         Shri. T. S. Shine (F/O Sooraj Shine (ICE))   Ph: 9744722270


          Shri. Bijoy Mohan (Asst. Professor, Civil Engg.)


  1. Shri. K. C. Sajeev (F/O Sachin (ICE)) Ph: 9447591577

  2. Smt. Devika Jayaprakash (M/O Akshaya C Jayaprakash (ECE)) Ph: 9656600977

  3. Shri. K. T. Thomas (F/O Amal Thomas (ME)) Ph: 9745351659

  4. Shri. Jude V Dsouza (F/O Noel Elesbaan Dsouza (CSE)) Ph: 9895091976

  5. Shri. Sajeev J. (F/O Akhil (CE)) Ph: 9447811941

  6. Shri. Pius (F/O Yamuna Pius (EEE)


  1. Shri. Joy (F/O Albert Varkey Joy (ME)) Ph: 9349873355

  2. Shri. Vijayan (F/O Veena Vijayan (CE)) Ph: 9747929041