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Central Library - SNM IMT


The library is housed in a hall measuring more than 4000 sq.ft. A fully furnished reading room, lobby, store room, reference room, internet (broad band), digital library etc. are the main attractions. The reading room can be used by 150 persons at a time.

Working Hours

 The librarywill remain open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all working days and Saturdays. It will remain closed on approved holidays.



  1. OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  2. CAS (Current Awareness Services)
  3. Reprography
  4. Internet
  5. Reference
  6. Book Reservation


Classification Scheme     

All the books in the library are classified according to the  Dewey Decimal Classification(DDC) scheme - 21st Edition.



  1.  SOUL Software (Software for university Libraries by INFLIBNET)

    By using this software any one can access the information about total number of titles and volumes in our library and also know the content of the books.

  2.  ADMS (Academic Data Management System)

    This software can be used for book reservation, cataloguing and circulation (issue& return).



Bar coding scanners are used for the issue and return of the library books stream lining all the library activities.



The library has a collection of 12,000 books and back volumes of journals. The library has subscription to diverse national and international journals catering to all the   branches of Engineering. It is fully automated and an online public access catalogue is available to staff & students. Question papers, lecture notes, etc. of the preceding years are available for use.

Issue of books

Students and staff can obtain books from the library on any working day. Students are required to enter their names in the register kept at the entrance. Books are issued from the circulation counter for a period of 7 days and they can renew the books for 7 more days, if the book is not reserved by any other user. The reserved as well as over due books will not be renewed. A fine of Re 1/- per day will be collected from the defaulters for one week and after that a fine of Rs 2/- per day will be levied. The penal cost for the irrecoverably lost book is 3 times the actual cost of the books, subject to the date of publication. Students can borrow 3 books at a time. Teaching and Non-teaching staff can have 5 & 2 books respectively. A compact disc(CD) is issued only for overnight use. A damaged compact disc is not accepted. A compact disc not returned in time will entail a fine of Rs 5/- per day.  


Reference Section

A collection of 2300 titles catering to the different engineering branches are available in the reference section. The ID card is obligatory for using the library facilities. Books and Journals of the reference section will not be taken out of the library. Reprographic facility at concessional rate is available to readers. Students and staff are required to enter their names and details of the reference books in the register kept in the reference section for that purpose.


Our library is to implement the five laws of Library Science by Dr. S.R. Ranganathan.  They change according to user needs.  The members of the staff of library are of the view that library should go to users, if they do not come to the library.




Library Staff

Rekha.B.Nair - Librarian

Seema.V. - Librarian

Krishnaveni - Library Staff

Bindhu V.K - Library Staff

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