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INCON :: The Association of ICE Dept.

INCON, the Association of Instrumentation and Control Engineering students aims at developing the technical proficiency and soft skills of students. Also it helps to make them better professionals and to improve their leadership qualities.

The inauguration of INCON was held on 1st October, 2015. Dr. P A Rajan, Honorable principal of SNMIMT lit the lamp, followed by the presidential address by HMDP Sabha Manager Mr. D Madhu , Vice Principal Prof. N K Sidharthan and Administrative Officer Mr. R Salim Kumar were also among the delegates. Mr. C K Suresh (Founder of Atma Foundation) was our chief guest.An inspirational talk by Mr. C K Suresh helped the students to identify the flaws in their personal and student life. The talk gave them food for thought and provided insight to overcome their shortcomings.

Normally the association activities are over by the end of inauguration ceremony. To end that trend and to provide follow up to the association activities different ideas were suggested by the students. A Group Discussion Club, Swachch Bharat Swachch SNMIMT campaign and a paper presentation group were started as part of it. The inauguration of Group Discussion club was done by Mr. Suresh Kumar P S (Head of Department, ICE) and 10 teams having 2 members participated in the first Group Discussion. The topic was “Should Internet be Censored?”.The follow up activities are planned on every month.

The Swachch SNMIMT abhiyan was inaugurated by Administrative Officer Mr. R Salim Kumar. All staff and students of ICE Department took the Swachch Bharat oath. A team was formed as part of it and those students have participated in the cleaning of class rooms and other premises inside the department. Housekeeping is actually a routine thing and students have decided to follow it up daily and to have a group activity atleast monthly.

A paper presentation group was formed to help students to prepare technical papers and to present them at National or International levels. Also this group aims at conducting technical talks in currently relevant and job oriented domains by experts and also to arrange atleast one paper presentation by students every semester. As part of inauguration Mr. Febin P Jose (Student S7 ICE) conducted a talk on “Robotics”. Finally there were cultural events by students and that was the end of a wonderful day of INCON activities.

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