Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering - Laboratory


Basic Electronics Laboratory (S3)

The primary objective of this laboratory is to initiate the students to the practical aspects of electronics. The students are taught the correct use of laboratory tools, they are trained to identify and test both active and passive electronic components. They are taught to operate the common test & measuring instruments used in the laboratory – oscilloscopes, regulated power supply, function generator, analog and digital multimeter and how to put together a circuit on a bread board.


Digital Laboratory (S4)

The rudiments of digital electronics are introduced here. The student starts from the operation of basic gates progressing to various combinational / sequential circuits and data converters.


Linear Integrated Circuits (S5)

The primary thrust of this laboratory session is to introduce the student to the workhorse of the anlog world – the versatile operational amplifier (op amp). The experiments are centered on the LM 741 device. Various applications using this device are designed and built. The student also gets acquainted with timer IC (LM 555/556), voltage regulator (LM 78xx/LM 79xx etc.) and phase lock loop circuit etc, to name a few.


Microprocessor Laboratory (S6)

The student armed with enough experience in digital gates and microprocessors is exposed to the Intel’s pioneering microprocessors – 8085 / 8086 devices. Soft ware and hardware exercises are conducted on kits. The working and the application of the several microprocessors peripheral chips, memory devices etc are taught to the students.


Industrial Instrumentation & Process Control Laboratory (S7)

The student’s first time hands on experience in his core topics begin in these laboratories. He is exposed to the various industrial sensors used to measure the assorted process parameters. Modern process control techniques like DCS, PLC etc are made available to the student here.


PC Based System Laboratory (S7)

This laboratory uses the Control System Tool Box available in MATLAB to simulate the basics of control system problems.


System Simulation Lab (S8)

The Neural network tool box and Simulink available in MATLAB is utilized to simulate the real time systems.