SNM Institute of Management and Technology maintains separate hostels for boys and girls.Both the hostels are provided with spacious mess halls and modern kitchens. Effective waste disposal using bio-gas and waste water treatment plants ensures environment protection. Caring wardens and tight security ensures a pleasant stay, allowing students to focus on their studies.

Hostel Fees

Monthly Rent -Rs:1000/-

Food  - Rs 1500-2000



Women's hostel Women's hostel facility is available near to the college itself. It is close to the main road. The hostel has spacious rooms which can accommodate five to six students in each. Rooms are well furnished. Proper study tables and chairs are provided in all rooms and corridors and absolute silence is maintained during study hours. The mess hall and kitchen are maintained under hygienic conditions with various types of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food being available during all days of the week. Food is available at minimal cost and dividing system is maintained.

Running water is available day long. Maximum effort is taken by the staff and students to keep the hostel rooms and toilets and surrounding areas clean under all circumstances. Students are provided with an appropriate ambience for study and relaxing purposes.





The college has comprehensive hostel facilities for the students. Exclusively, Hostel-1 & Hostel-2 are provided for men.


"A Sound body is essential for a sound mind." The hostel is annexed with a kitchen, to provide food at protected and hygienic environment along with dining halls, which can accommodate more than 100 students at a time. Healthy and nutritive food is served. The hostel kitchen has facilities for steam cooking with gas stoves. The menu for each day of the week is decided by the mess committee of the hostel. These are subjected to periodic reviews and altered to suit the requirements of the occupants. Special menus are prepared for religious occasions and festive days.



  • Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited; Severe action will be taken against those students who are found guilty.
  • Students are not allowed to consume alcohol, narcotic drugs or any intoxicating substance is strictly prohibited in the hostel premises.
  • Students should not keep any unauthorized property. Unauthorized guests shall not be entertained in one's room.
  • No person, either guest or otherwise shall be permitted to stay overnight in any part of the hostel.
  • All students are expected to be back in the hostel by 07.00 PM. If any student wishes to be away due to any relevant reason, prior permission should be obtained from the hostel authority with appropriate reasons.
  • Students are not allowed to take common room’s newspapers to their room at any time.
  • Students should handle hostel equipments, furniture, mess property carefully and not abuse or tamper with it. If so then applicable fine will be charged by the hostel authority.
  • Students are to use water and electricity judiciously. If lights and fans are switched on unnecessarily, heavy fine will be imposed by hostel authorities.
  • Every case of illness and accident must be reported immediately to the hostel authorities.
  • Any complaint from the neighbours/society will result in strict action.
  • The group discussions are allowed in the common study room only.
  • Students who wish to go out on holidays should enter the date and time of leaving the hostel as well as entering the hostel.
  • No student should stay in the hostel, without specific permission from the warden, when the college is working.
  • The Mess Timings are Breakfast : 7.30a.m - 8.45a.m, Lunch :12.40p.m-01.20p.m (As provided in the college timetable) ,Tea : 04.10p.m - 05.00 p.m Dinner : 7.30p.m - 8.00p.m
  • The study hours in the hostel are from 8.30 p.m to 10.30 p.m daily. During the study hours, the students are expected to stay in their rooms and keep their rooms open. They should avoid group discussions in their rooms .The group discussions is allowed in the common study room
  • Students can entertain the visitors only during the visiting hours. The normal visiting hours are from 04.15p.m to 07.00p.m on working days and from 8.00a.m to 07.00p.m on Sundays and other holidays.
  • Students going out of the hostel either to the city or on a holiday should enter the date and time of leaving the hostel and date and time of returning to the hostel.
  • Day Scholars are not allowed to visit the hostels on any account.
  • Students are expected to keep their rooms neat and tidy and are responsible for the furniture provided to them.

Warden: Shri. Unnikrishnan P (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Deputy Warden-1: Shri. Rajesh M. (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
Deputy Warden-2: Shri. Arun Narayanan (Asst. Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering)
Resident Warden: Shri. T. N. Balan