Department of Computer Science and Engineering - Laboratory



Graphics Lab

Computer graphics is an art learnt through algorithms. The lab work covers all the basic algorithms for line drawing, circle, basics of 2d transformations and clipping. In additions to the above, the student is expected to implement programs for object and their movement. The ultimate goal of this lab work is to prepare a ground work for next higher level of learning and that is, image processing.


C/JAVA Programming Lab


Make the students understand the basic concepts and constructs of the programming language C. Enable the students to create the solution for real life problems using C language

The students should achieve a deep understanding of

  • creating classes and objects using Java;
  • implementing constructors and constructor overloading;
  • solving problems using Inheritance and Polymorphism;
  • create your own package and interface;
  • handling exceptions arising in programs;
  • use of multithreading in programs;
  • use GUI components and applets in your programs;
  • implement Sockets; and
  • connect databases with your programs
  • enable the students to program client-server systems over transport layer protocols.

Hardware Lab


The aim of this Laboratory is to make aware of the students the principles and practices of configuring and maintaining the computer systems and networks.

The students should achieve a deep understanding of

  • Basic components of a computer system.
  • The specification of each components of the system.
  • How to assemble a systems
  • Installation of operating systems
  • Trouble shooting
  • Basic networking concepts
  • Hardware programming using interrupts

System Software Lab


The aim of this lab is to provide an understanding of the language translation peculiarities by

  • Designing the  phases of Compiler
  • Design different types of parsers

The lab also provides an understanding of the design aspect of operating system.

Microprocessor Lab

  • Familiarize the students with 8085 microprocessor and its peripherals.
  • Enable the students to develop assembly language program for 8085 microprocessor
  • Equip the students with interfacing techniques

Database Lab


The students should

  • Have a good understanding of fundamental DBMS used in computer science.
  • Have a good understanding of various SQL statements -DDL, DML, TCL, DCL.
  • Have a good understanding of Creation and updating of tables.
  • Be able to understand various queries and their execution.
  • Be able to design new database and modify the existing ones for new applications and reason about the efficiency of the result.

Software Lab

  • This lab is mainly for Mini project and main project purposes.
  • The systems in this lab have latest configurations.
  • The systems are equipped with most recent software’s.